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Latest News

Luminate Goes Biennial - Dates Announced for 2015 !

Luminate is now firmly established as a key summer festival in Aotearoa-New Zealand. Much gratitude goes out to everyone who has supported us in this journey. After six years of running Luminate as an annual event, we have taken the decision to go biennial (every 2 years).

We will be returning with a full-power 8 day festival in 2015, and plans are already well underway. This decision enables us to invest our time and energy in a more sustainable way, and enables the festival to evolve, to deliver an increased quality of cutting edge music, future thinking presenters, and creative solutions to help build flourishing, self-reliant communities. Dates are 28th Jan-4th Feb.

This is clearly a big change for Luminate, but one that many other events have taken, proving that working to a 2 year timeframe can be very successful. Musician Matiu Te Huki, a favourite of Luminate crowds, comments: “I totally support your plan, am happy to hear it, you’ve all been giving so much, a breath right now serves us all big time.”

Whilst waiting in eager anticipation for 2015, you can keep up to date with our latest news by signing up for our newsletter, re-live those special moments of previous years by browsing the photos and video galleries here on the website, and stay in touch with the Luminate community on the Luminate Facebook page....

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Luminate Shines in Global Festival Documentary

Luminate is the only New Zealand festival chosen to feature in the international Bloom documentary: “A Journey Through Transformational Festivals”. Bloom sent filmmakers to visit 24 out of a shortlist of 90 festivals around the world, which they identified as “having particular transformational qualities that create profound life-changing effects”. Several scenes of Luminate appear throughout the documentary, alongside major festivals such as Burning Man (USA) and Boom (Portugal). You can view the episodes as they are released here: http://thebloomseries.com/

Luminate is also highlighted in a 10 minute special feature by Bloom “Greening the Festival: Spotlight on modelling sustainability” which you can view here http://thebloom.tv/public/index.php/dashboard/view/19

The Bloom filmmaker was particularly impressed with the extent of our environmental initiatives, which stands us apart from many other festivals that he had visited. From hand crafted composting toilets to infrastructure and décor built from re-claimed materials, the attention to sustainability permeates all strands of the festival.

Luminate has also pioneered a unique approach to waste reduction, which is virtually unheard of anywhere else – there are no rubbish bins or recycling! Participants are fully responsible for any rubbish they generate, and this together with no disposable plates, cups, bottles or cans allowed at the market outlets, means we have significantly reduced the potential waste that would otherwise go to landfill. Festival-goers pack out what they bring in and the site stays beautifully litter-free throughout the event.Read more

Photos of Luminate 2013 - check them out!

Photos of Luminate 2013 are now ready to view in the Galleries section of our website. To start, there's a wicked 300 photo gallery from Andre & Lisa, full of rich colourful scenes and epic highlights! We had a great team of photographers dedicated to the task of capturing the diversity of life at Luminate. They each have been working through thousands of images to create thier own unique gallery which we will continue publishing over the next days and weeks. Exciting! Take your time to explore the galleries, while you re-connect to the energy and essence of the magic of Luminate. If you have any special photos you'd like to share with us feel free to contact us here.

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Luminate 2013 Afterglow - share your experience!

Huge love and appreciation goes out to everyone who participated in Luminate Festival 2013 - what an incredible experience!

Massive thanks to all the KISS presenters who shared skills and knowledge with such clarity and inspiration - the popularity of the workshops has been tremendous! With a huge diversity of topics spread over 5 zones, running continuously throughout the week, it was fantastic to see each session packed out, full of amazing learning and open-hearted interactions.

Much respect and gratitude to all the musicians and performers who added their magic to the Luminate experience, including the amazingly talented Juggle-Poi-Toy circus crew!!

With live music we focussed mainly on NZ artists this year, and what a high level of musical genius and creativity! From world jazz, gypsy, dub, reggae, soul and folk to vituoso guitar, tribal drumming, ladino, celtic and balkan beat, the influences from musical traditions around the world were infused with a unique kiwi-aoteaora flavour, providing the most wondrous musical journeys. Big thanks also to all the electronic producers & djs who continuously mesmerize us with the complexity and quality of cutting edge production. At Luminate music is offered as part of the living workshop experience, to learn about different musical styles, traditions, instruments, time signatures and technology; and find healing, release and renewed energy through dance and movement. We love to hear about what you have learnt and been inspired by this year at Luminate. Add...

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Featured Videos 2013

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Featured Videos 2012

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Luminate is a vibrant festival of cutting-edge live & electronic music, visual & performing arts, inspirational knowledge sharing, and pioneering environmental initiatives. 

Nestled in the spectacular hills and native forest of Aotearoa-New Zealand, Luminate brings sacred geometry and nature's harmonic resonance into an 8-day, fun-packed gathering of co-creative community activating transformational consciousness.

Embracing 5 zones of music and workshops, circus arts, healing, market, kids activities, camping, eco-amenities and a stunning natural environment, Luminate is a place to rejuvenate, energise, and awaken to our full potential.

Merging ancient traditions with contemporary culture, Luminate celebrates the seasonal harvest festival of Lughnasadgh, midway between summer solstice & autumn equinox.
See you on the crystal mountain in 2015!

Photos 2013

Photos 2013 by Thalita Walterfang
Photos 2013 by Lisa and Andre Ismael
Photos 2013 by Charlie Fox
Photos 2013 by Emma Tree Photography
Photos 2013 by Lana Simpson
Photos 2013 by Michael Zeff
Photos 2013 by David Rocha


Radio Interview

Radio NZ feature at Luminate 2012

Enjoy Exploring our 2013 Booklet!

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Fling Juggling

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Luminate: to shine light, elevate spiritual consciousness, put a smile on your face; earth friendly festival of music, art, culture, intentional community, sustainability, celebration and inspiration; celebrating the ancient festival of Lughnasadgh, midway between the summer solstice and autumn equinox, 28th Jan - 4th Feb 2015. Luminate Festival Educational and Spiritual Trust. Registered Charity CC43938

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